Thursday, November 11, 2021

Term 4 Week 4

 LZ1 students and famillies keep up the great work during lockdown. Not much longer now!

Here is some of the work they have been doing... Writing from Mrs Forlong's writing class - students collaborated to write descriptions using their senses without saying what the sense was...

Sam wrote a story about his Perfect Day

The perfect day

I looked out the window and I saw the white snow glistening in the morning sunshine, it was the perfect day. 

As I got up I was so excited because it had snowed all night and now it was a sunny day. I put on my clothes, some long thermal pants, ski pants,  a thermal, a jumper, a ski jacket and some gloves. After I had put all of that on I grabbed my skis and my helmet off the rack. Just as I was going out the door I remembered my ski pass, it was on the side of my bed so I rushed to get it and went outside.

I was the first one to go on the ski lift so I did not have to wait in line. The chair lift pulled me softly up the hill to the top of the mountain. I could see my hut in the distance. I skied to the big half pipe and dropped in. When I got to the other side I jumped out and got a meter in the air. On the other side I did not get as high but I did do a three sixty in the air. I jumped out of the halfpipe and went up again. I felt elated. I did a few runs then went to have lunch with my friend.

There is a cafe on the mountain so we had hot chocolate. The hot chocolate was so warm and sweet that I wanted to live on them.

As people came to the mountain I went to the side where it was hard to ski so nobody went there but me. As I went over the bumps my teeth chattered together and my body bumped around. It took me a long time to get to the bottom because I kept falling over. When I got to the bottom it was time to go back to my hut.

I met my friend in my hut for dinner, we had burgers my favorite dinner. I went to bed and thought to myself. This was the perfect day.    
                                                                                                         by   Sam F-S

Here is some of the digital art created this week by LZ1 students during the art class.

Ryan's Aaron Douglas style Digital art
Anzel's Aaron Douglas style Digital Art

Congratulations to these people who earned certificates while online learning.

Saturday, November 6, 2021

Term 4 Week 3

 LZ1 students and famillies keep up the great work during lockdown. Here is some of the work they have been doing... Writing from Mrs Forlong's writing class - 

Art from Mrs Jefferson's art class.
Congratulation Ella for achieving a Silver Mathletics Certificate this week!
Great effort.

Wednesday, November 3, 2021

Term 4 Week 1& 2


Back to school in Term 4, in lockdown....but we can do it. Fabulous learning continues to be achieved. Jack joined Mrs Forlong's writing class and created a recount....


Last month I went fishing with my friends at stillwater.

We started walking down the path to the beach. 

It was really muddy.

When we reched the beach i fealt rarely excited. 

We started walking to our fishing spot. When we were walking I showed my friends my base that I made.

When we got to the water, we casted our  rods into the channel  and waited for the fish to bite. While we were waiting for the fish we saw 2 stingrays. 

Sadly we caught no fish. 

I think going fishing is a very good experience and I hope I get to go again.

                                by Jack

We ended the first week with Crazy Hair Friday.

Great work was completed online, at home and at school.

We ended week 2 celebrating Halloween.

Congratulations to these students for achieving their certificates online at home. Well done, great effort.

Monday, October 4, 2021

Week 10 Learning

Last week of Term, and students and families kept up the great effort working from and at home, right to the end!

We finished the week dressed in the theme of Chicken, Roosters and Halloween for our final Google the many different interpretations!

Here are some examples of student's work.

Congratulations to these people who have achieved certificates while continuing their learning at home.

And special Congratulations to Jack, Sonya and Janae, who achieved Term 3 Mathletics Awards.

Friday, September 24, 2021

More Working From Home

 LZ1 have continued their great working from home activities. We ended last week in our school uniform and this week we were aliens...

In between we did lots of work...

Fantastic writing at home using the illustration by April as their prompt.
Illustration by April Young

Cats v Dogs

BOOOOOOMMMMM!!!!! The cat's aircraft dropped a bomb on Doggie Palace. 

It seemed like the world was over.  The dogs were having a hard time against the cats. King Shepherd and Queen Dotty have lost half of their kingdom to the cats. 

The air was smokey like a bonfire, flames in the sky were like fireworks.  It was chaotic everywhere! 

Queen Scratchy is trying so hard to get the Doggie Chest but the dogs keep on putting up new buildings and weapons to protect their kingdom. 

Queen Scratchy sat in her throne, she had caught King Shepherd’s son, Staffy and he would not tell her what room the crystals were hiding in.  It was a kidnapping like no other! She was trying her hardest to get him to tell her but he would not listen to Queen Scratchy.  

Finally the Doggie Palace had got their strength and they started building aircrafts and bombers to go and attack Scratchy’s Palace to stop the war. The first squad went out to attack.  Booom! They dropped a bomb but it just missed the walls of the palace.  King Shepherd was furious. “Come on guys you have to get better at aiming your bombs, I am going to get you some grenades and nukes so it will do more damage,” he said.

Finally the next squad came out with their grenades and nukes and dropped them.  Cat Palace smashed like a rock thrown at glass and Doggie Palace took over the city.  Thankfully, before the explosion came, one of the pilots rescued Staffy, the King’s son, and the Doggies all lived happily after. 

By Jack Killeen

The Queen

There was once a little queen, who was very, very mean. She had diamonds on her crown and lace on her gown. One day while taking a stroll a little boy went and dropped his doll. The queen picked it up and asked “Is this yours?” The boy nodded and she took a closer look and she saw it was her enemy, it was the mighty captain cook.

A little girl came outside with a cart and horse. Her majesty took the boy far to her home; it was  planted straight in the middle of Rome. The queen had a  lovely comfy little throne and jewels that are giant from the unknown.

The queen pulled out a small device. She inserted it into a machine and said “I need a sacrifice.” Slowly the little girl made her way closer to the queen, the monarch placed the girl in the long machine. The poor small girl's name was Jenny.

Now the queen turned on the machine and poor little Jenny was shocked with a bolt of lightning and all went so black so even a cat can’t see in the dark and when the smoke cleared little Jenny was dead lying there flat,

Now it was the boys turn and he sat in the long tube, he waited for the queen the press the button but the she just stood there short and stubby like a fluffy short cushion. She took a deep breath and pushed it quickly, smoke appeared once again and when the smoke cleared the boy was now gone. Everyone stared in shock but the queen did not look. She turned the tv on and thought “Well, that was easy.”

by Sonya Nicholson

Evil Queen

Ahhhhh” yelled the young gentleman as the Evil Queen tied him to the chamber slab. Sitting on her throne in the dungeon she cackled with laughter eagerly waiting to pluck his eyes. As the eye was being plucked from the young man's face the Evil Queen’s nice sister Tina smashed through the door. Aghast, she turned to her sister Queen Sophie and said “Is this what you have been doing for the last two years?” “Yes” the queen responded. Quickly Tina began to unstrap the man from the chamber slab. Tina was looking for somewhere to escape, she found a place and they ran to  safety.

::6 years later::

The evil queen sophie found them and took them both to the dungeon and strapped them both on the chamber slab and she took the man's eyes but kept her sister's because she loved her sister even though she took the man that she needed.

by Taya Ronkowski

Congratulations to these people who have achieved certificates while continuing their learning at home.

Thursday, September 16, 2021

Working From Home Continues

 LZ1 have continued their great working from home escapades. We ended last week in pyjamas...

This week was Te Wiki o Te Reo Maori and we did lots of learning about Te Ao Maori. We participated in the Maori Language Moment on Tuesday by watching and contributing to the video of Pepeha. 
Here is a Taya's pepeha.

The learning and creativity continues.

Congratulations to these people who have achieved certificates while continuing their learning at home.