Thursday, May 16, 2019

Pink Shirt Day

We watched a video about how Pink Shirt Day started.

We all wore pink to show how we can stand up and support others who may be bullied. We learned that bullying can take many forms - physical, verbal, intimidation, exclusion and cyber bullying. But it only becomes bullying if it happens systematically and repeatedly. We know we can support and talk to each other, talk to a teacher or our parent.
This afternoon Courtney, Becks and George from the Primary Project came and talked to us about Cyber Safety and how we need to remember to treat the online world the same as the real world...only say and do what we would do face to face, and what our Mums would be happy to see.

Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Emergency Vehicle Junk Box Challenge

After attending the St Johns Resuscitation training session, we had the opportunity to create our own Emergency Vehicle in another Junk box challenge. 

LZ1PJ Groups:

LZ1SG Group Vehicles

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Easter Buns

We used the opportunity of the up coming Easter Celebrations to explore all things Hot Cross Buns. We tried a number of maths problems...

We made - measuring, following a recipe, working out fractions, then baked Hot Cross buns...and we ate them too!

Also Drew, Luther and Cayden inquired about Hot Cross buns.

Happy Easter.

Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Ultimate Frisbee Competition

On Thursday 4th April, 12 children represented Dairy Flat School at the Ultimate Frisbee day.

Thank you to the team

Ben Crampton
Andrew Lucas
Drew Travers
Saxon Parker
Jaxon Leano - Lesavua
Armani Stanaway
Machrie McLeod
Ash Archibald
Luchian Opperman
CJ Coggins
Pippa Lloyd
Becky Hydes
We won one game, lost 2 and had fun!
Thank you to Kayla Cassidy, Peter Buckley and Joanne Crampton
for transporting the children and to Paula Lucas for sideline support!
Thank you Miss Ryder for organising it all!!

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Marsden Bay Camp Memories

Memories of Marsden Bay Camp

Stand up paddle boarding
The heavy paddle now in my hands. The board drifting out as I turn my head to see my friend digging her toes in the sloppy, wet sand. I slowly paddle on my knees as my friend catches up to me and requested to stand up because it’s way more fun and easy.

I attached the dark round black strap to my right ankle. My hands gripping onto the side of my paddle board and slowly leaning forwards to rise to my feet. My fingers slipping off the board as I cautiously stand up. I used the paddle to keep me steady while I stand. Just as I was about to paddle to the rest of my group I heard a sudden splashing behind me. I steadily turn to see who it was but then I feel myself tipping. I screamed in horror as I felt the tip of my finger dive into the water. The cold, salty blue sea drenched me and suddenly turned me into a shivering boss. Which basically means I shivered and shivered and shivered a lot.

All of a sudden I stopped shivering. The water felt no longer cold and I wasn’t afraid of falling off the board. Then I learned that I didn’t need to worry so much and that I should concentrate on what we are here for. To have fun.


Camp thank you letter

Dear Dad,

Thank you for giving up your own time to come help us at camp I really appreciate you doing archery in the hot scorching sun all day.Thank you for doing the dishes,
Serving us food and much,much more

At camp I faced some challenges.
Like getting a good night’s sleep on the first night in our noisy booming cabin,dodging million dollar boats whilst kayaking and paddle boarding in the refreshing canal or hand pulling myself across the thick metal wire back to the platform at treetops adventures was also a challenge.

More importantly I had some success at paddle boarding and kayaking in the cooling life filled canal by staying incontrol the whole time. At the huge entertaining treetops place in Whangarei. At the air rifles I also felt successful.

The best thing about camp was to spend quality time with family and friends,fun activities and amazing food
It was fun doing archery in the hot sun which gave me the opportunity to focus and have fun.some more cool things include the humorous talent quest and the exhilarating zorb football and soapy water slide.

Yours sincerely



At camp i feel some challenges were to go to sleep and making the tallest structure out of
Spaghetti  and marshmallows.

More important i had some success at air rifles and archery and tree adventures

The best thing about camp was hanging out with my friends at tree adventures.

By armani.

At Camp
At camp I faced some challenges. They were trying not to be scared of the fishes in the water at kayaking and paddleboarding.  
More importantly,  I had some success at archery. At first I couldn’t aim but at least once or twice I hit the target. With kayaking, I was slow but then I got the hang of it and went a little faster. I felt very proud of myself.

The best things about camp were that we got to have SHOWERS! and I liked doing the Zorb balls... Till I bumped my head.

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Swimming Sports

Recently we had Senior Swim Sports at the Stanmore Bay Leisure Centre. The students who attended had great fun in the competition. They have written a moment in time description to remember the event.

Swimming sports
I heard people chanting and yelling their house colour.

I saw people swimming in the glistening pool.

I felt weird, pressured and terrified.

I wondered if my legs could keep me up.

By Mia

Moment In Time

I heard people loudly cheering others on.
I saw water splashing around.
I felt nervous and tired but excited.
I wondered if I was going to win.


Swim Sport
I heard encouraging chanting coming from each house team.
I saw the vast amount of children sitting down on my right but to my left I saw the far smaller amount of parents sitting down and watching their children.
I felt the sensational thrill of swimming going hastily through my shattered body.
I wondered why my back felt broken (I pulled my back muscle).

Swimming Sports

I heard all  the water splashing wildly on the tiled floor.

I saw everybody racing I  was shouting as hard as I could.

I felt so energized and excited and a little bit nervous all the others were so good.

I wondered if I would win or at least become a podium finisher.
Ben H