Saturday, February 25, 2017

Waterwise LZ1J

Kayaking at Waterwise
I felt nervous, I stumbled over to the kayak, carried it over to the water, got in and waited for Kian and Aidan to get into their kayak. I made sure everyone was ready and then we set off into the deep, murky water.

I didn't know what to do, so I just watched Kian and Aidan and soon I got the hang of it. About 5 minutes later we reached the pontoon. The pontoon is a big, algae covered, plastic raft that floats at the top of the water. I got onto the pontoon, I looked over the beautiful ocean that sparkled in the blistering hot sun!

“ I dare you to jump in,” dared Kian.
“Ok,” I said with my heart in my throat.
With my heart going crazy fast …... I jumped into the cold, salty water. I sunk down a meter or two, because of the splash. Then the life-jacket started to do its thing. It lifted me up right to the top of the water. I don’t know why in the movies someone gets pushed into the water and rise back up with a Grouchy look on their face, it’s so fun …… Jeez

I jumped back into my bright blue kayak and paddled back to the shore line with Kian and Aidan.
I think we went to Waterwise to have fun and to learn how to be safe if you ever get into a pickle in the water!  

by Ross 


As I step into the kayak’s seat,
Terror makes my heart shatter like glass.

As I push myself free of shallow water and into the safety of our group gliding across the salty but shimmering ocean.

As I kayak towards the pontoon my shattered heart becomes one whole and again my hands row to its own tempo.

As I grab ahold of the pontoon making sure I don’t drift away the others crawl aboard and plunge into the sunlight zone.

As I watch one plunge the other climbs aboard,
They come over and try to make me do it too but I am stubborn and stubbornly refuse.

As I kayak away from the drifting pontoon the  boys wade as far as they can too keen to resist the urge of kayaking and plunging.

By Chaeyoung Melitz Kim
I walked across the boiling hot sand, I heard the water splashing as loud as a jet plane! I’m so excited!

Finally we got to go out into the glistening, clear, cold water. I jumped down and ran as fast as I could. The water was shocking aahhhrrr!!!
I screamed, “It’s freezing cold!” I jumped up and ran away!
I came back, I went in with my best friend Porscha.
I said to Porscha, “Why are we doing this?”
“We’re going to freeze to death!” she said in a long, shivering, bored voice, “But we have to get used to the water.”
“For what?” I said, as I walked slowly out of the water.
“EVA COME BACK!” Porscha screamed as loud as a wailing fire engine. So she swam as fast as a dolphin and grabbed me by my freezing, cold arm and pulled me back out to the salty ocean.

I had had enough and I wanted to go back to my warm house and have a lovely hot shower!
by Eva

Thursday, February 23, 2017

At School Picnic

Today we had a great day, celebrating a long standing Dairy Flat tradition...picnic! 

First we met in our houses, with our new House Captains.
Aidan, Haydon, Angela, Tayla for Rimu

Kaitlin, Millabeane, Charlie, Seb for Puriri

Harrison, Melitz, Chloe, Vincent for Kauri

Cara, Mya, Max, Gabriel for Kowhai

Next we rotated through sandcastle building, 
Puriri building "Maui" - the winner on the day

Rimu juniors decorating the pavement with their names.

running races, 
Queen's chair or Fireman's chair race

scatterball and tug of war.

The rain managed to hold off mostly until right at the end. We all had an outstanding day. Many thanks to all the parents who attended, helped and cheered....making a fantastic day for us all.

Monday, February 20, 2017


Konnichiwa (こんにちは).

Every Tuesday morning LZ1 has the privilege of spending 40 minutes with Stuart Sensei, learning Japanese (Nihongo日本語). We have already created an oragami box and are beginning to learn greetings may have seen the little Greeting booklet come home.....and how to introduce ourselves. Watashi wa Mrs J desu.

Its great that we can expand our cultural knowledge. 
Arigato  ありがとう

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Responsibility and Leadership

As Seniors, one of the many important things the students are expected to show is Responsibility and Leadership. There are many opportunities for the students to show these attributes. From school wide roles to in class.

For example, last Friday the House Captains were voted in. Hopefully, the newly appointed Captains will be able to show leadership at the Playground Picnic, next Friday, with all the House competitions.

This week the peer mediators were all on duty, doing a great job supporting the students and teachers in the playground.

Yesterday this term's Wet Day monitors were selected and they have had several days helping to supervise and support the Junior classes when we've been stuck inside through morning tea and lunch due to rain!

Another area the seniors show responsibility is Buddy Reading. Once a week Mrs Costello, Miss Forbes and Miss Craig bring their students to LZ1. They are buddied up with a senior who listens to them read, supporting them with their reading strategies. Afterwards, the seniors read to them. Everyone seems to have a great productive time.

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Selfie Collages

As a first introduction to the class, the students have each written a Bio Poem, sharing information, hopes, fears and interests. They also created a 'selfie collage', self portrait; using a photograph of themselves and magazine pictures to represent their character and interests. First they took photos of themselves, then cut out their significant features. Next they used coloured paper and magazine pictures to recreate their face.

This week LZ1 did selfie collages.We were going to do it in week 1 but we didn't have time to.I think that mine was the worst but in the end they all looked weird.But if you're to scared to see mine then look away!

See look how funny it is I think that the I am bread is funny but I know that you don't.But my friend Cassandra I think she was laughing when she read it?

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Thinking about Writing

This morning we thought about writing. We considered what makes a good writer and who or what helps us with our learning. We wrote sentences about what we thought and drew diagrams to show our thinking.

We also learned about how to set out our books. We have a strangmnemonic to help us remember....DUMTUMS. I wonder if everyone can remember what it means?