Saturday, November 3, 2018

Halloween Descriptive Writing

The Haunted House

I don’t know why I’m here.On a dark and misty night,terrified of what lays before me. A huge mansion, wielding gigantic thorns across it’s outside walls,cracked earth laying before it. Cursed trees surround the area, like ghosts haunting people before their life is officially over. Their gnarled fingers reach out to me, warning to turn and run.I don’t.
The haunting crows perched on the branches, reveal their chilling laugh, making a fool of me for coming here. Their laugh turns into a frightened alert call,warning me to turn and run.I don’t.
A skinny cat slinks past,and runs away when bats erupt from the crooked mansion. The enormous moon shines brighter than before in the pitch black night sky. A happy laugh comes from inside the house, I slowly walk toward it………

Carmen Marks

I was wondering if this was a decisive decision, but the cacophony of crows took over my mind.  the moon, brighter than the Sun, stole my gaze from the haunted house. I peered back at the house terrified to see what was coming my way. Suddenly…

The ground shattered into a million pieces. I sprinted to the house and climbed up the tangled vines.  I fell...
I woke up like I just did a marathon trying to catch my
breath. it was just a dream.
it was Halloween. I got ready and started trick or treating until I found a house. I wondered if I was being decisive.



Crow’s Mansion
I bend my wrinkly knees in anticipation to take off. The branches wobble about in a ripple as I bounce into the sky. Wings outstretched, soaring through the night. I screech at the glowing moon as it shimmers in my eyes. Suddenly, something catches my attention, a glorious mansion standing tall, dimly lit by the moonlight. Dark tentacle like branches loomed over the establishment in a menacing fashion. Cold grey walls stand stationary. Vines crawl up the building, strangling the walls till they weep. I perch on the damp roof, gazing into the bright moon. The soft breeze ruffles through my feathers. I calmly smile, “What a beautiful night!”

By Hailey

Stolen lollies
Scrumptious lollies are left alone on the marble bench as my pixelated shadow leads me to the shower. I grab it. The damp moist towel and bath mat gives me the craving to begone all my halloween makeup. I open it. The slippery wet shower door welcomes me into a drench puddle. The gorgeous gentle tapping of the shower water fills me with delight. The shower suddenly starts turning black, purple and red that’s how I know that my makeup is gone and it’s time to hop out. I turn the shower off. The water comes to a halt. As my wrinkly feet direct me to the living room…….. I spot it. My silly black and white cat slopped and hunched on the shiney leather couch, with all (yes you read that correctly all!) my hard working treats placed on his short fuzzy little body. He gives me a cheeky grin. I smile back, but all (again you read that correctly all!) of my delight is drowned with anger. He is going outside!

By Eva Josephs

Halloween Hangover
My mind was completely shut off to the world while I was looking at the humungus mountain of candy staring at me.

I took one candy and unwrapped it and slowly placed it onto my tongue as I smelt the whiff of smooth chocolate and creamy caramel. My taste buds exploded and I unwrapped more and more candy and chocolate until there was nothing left.

I feel queasy, my body not letting me get up. I managed to get up with some help but I fell straight back to the floor my face landing in the crumbly candy wrappers.

Next year I think Iḿ going to just stay home with a SMALL bag of candy.