Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Ag day - Young farmers doing their thing

Young farmers doing their thing....

Young farmers of tomorrow...

Education Outside the Classroom

When your child hops off the bus or gets in the car and hears these words...."What did you do today at school?" Sometimes the answer might be...."It wasn't a day like any other. We had fun!"

Check out our FUN below....the Ice Rink is at school.

Jump Jam, while others skating.

Saturday, September 24, 2016

The Button Box Production

Wow! LZ1 did an amazing job as main cast, crew, dancers and singers in the The Button Box.  The whole school created a fantastic show. 

Well done!

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

EPro8 Semi Finals

The team competed at the semi finals and did very well. We look forward to the 2017 EPro8 Challenges.

EPro8 Challenge

Twelve year 5 & 6 students went to Northcross Intermediate to compete in the Epro8 Challenge (Engineering, Problem Solving, and Innovation) The challenges involved building a crane which had to lift 1 kg, building a Rover on Mars to move 1 metre while carrying 5 kg of weight and building a swing that held 1 kg and swung 10 times in 31 seconds. Each station had various equipment e.g. Pulleys, electrical wire, batteries, bolts, aluminium poles, chains, gears, circuits and wheels.

The teams had four challenges to complete in 2 and half hours, the students could complete all of a challenge, or select which parts they wish to complete. Each challenge had a “Criteria” and a “Hint” Criteria and this is what the teams were marked on.

The three teams worked collaboratively and enjoyed the challenges. Close to the end was very nerve wrecking with the Bobby Juniors team tied in first place with 3 other teams on 200 points. They finally shot away by gaining a further ninety points to win the EPro8 challenge across these schools. They will now compete in the semi-finals. Congratulations to Charlize Porter, Holly Lupton, Luke Grobler and Jacob Lyndon. By Charlize Porter

EPro8 Team first place in the challenge series.

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Special Olympics

 In the weekend, I went to the Bay of Islands to compete in the T2 Equestrian Regional special Olympic games in Kerikeri. I did not stay in Kerikeri, I stayed in a kiwi sanctuary. This was really cool.The next day, after I went on a bush walk with my family, my dad said we can fish here. Sadly we couldn’t actually fish here at that time as we had a busy schedule ahead of us, and we had no fishing rods with us too.

We arrived at the event, I was all dressed up in my special Olympic outfit which was, my black leather riding boots with my team chaps and my steel cap socks to help me grip in my boots. I was also dressed in a white shirt with a flash white bow and a special blueish black jacket which made me feel good at the time.

Sadly my dad didn't come neither did my big brother, but the best thing they said to me before I went was “good luck you are going to win the gold”, this made me happy knowing they see me as a champion.   

During this day, I did one event which was the individual equestrian, I felt really happy because my team did really well in the competition. They won a gold medal… yippeeee I said.

Goodbye day 1 bring on the next competition on day 2.

The next day I was doing the working trail, ‘yippee’ I said, this was my second favorite special event. The reason why I like this event is it is my strongest point, I really like this competition.
At the end of the day, “yippee” I have won a silver medal, I felt extremely excited and happy.    

That was my adventure, thank you for listening.