Friday, August 25, 2017

Cross Country

Shakespear Reserve was an awesome place to be on Friday. The weather was outstanding. The beach was beautiful. The mud was deep!

The cross country runners showed great determination and perseverance. Well done to all the participants. Congratulations to the winners who are going through to the inter-school competition next week.
Listening to Instructions
House flags flying

Jack and Brody


Leah and Tamzin

Leah, Tamzin, mud

Last burst....Tamsin and Lilly



Angela, Chloe & Kaitlin

Charlotte, Angela, Chloe 


Saturday, August 19, 2017

Maths Week

LZ1 participated in Maths Week last week by completing a number of challenges on the Maths Week site, Mathletics site, Matific site ( The warm-up for the Matific NZ & Australian Maths Championship runs from August 14 - 30. The official Games start 31 August and ends on 13 September 2017) 

We held our own LZ1 Mathex the students found it "Challenging" "Fun" "Working with people that had different ways of thinking"

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Book Week


LZ1 celebrated book week with lots of to, read with and read themselves. They had to identify a great paragraph in the book they were reading, and explain what and why it was a great piece of writing.  

And of course our traditional Thursday Buddy read....

And culminating with the Book Character Parade....great effort.

Friday, August 4, 2017

Asia Experience Day Writing


“Three, two, one…GO” shouted the Orewa College students.

My sweaty hand grabbed at the thin red chopsticks. I failed to grab the mushy marshmallows the first time. But after three tries, I managed to pinch the marshmallow between the red chopsticks, run to the other table four metres away and drop the marshmallow into the plastic bowl, then run back again in the line.

After our first go we went again. This time I managed to grab the marshmallow the first time but as I ran my marshmallow slipped out of the red chopsticks and fell to the ground. I quickly crouched down and pinched the marshmallow between the shiny red chopsticks then quickly dropped the marshmallow into the bowl.

Our team came third in the chopstick relay race. The gong banged to tell us that our time was up, we said goodbye and went to our next activity.

How to make paper lantern

Image result for handmade paper lanternGlue or stapler
White card
Coloured pens/pencils
1 sheet coloured paper

1.First fold the card in half length ways
2.Second cut parallel lines about 1cm wide and 3cm long on the folded side.
3.Next decorate on one side with pens/pencils.

4.Now Unfold and with your card landscape join the left side of your card with the right then staple.

5.After that place it aside and cut a strip from one end of coloured paper,

6. Finally Using the stapler staple the strip to the top two edges of the lantern that you put aside earlier.

7. ENJOY!!!!!

Chinese Bamboo Dance

As I excitedly trotted towards our next activity a rush of excitement flew down my body and my alert ears pick up on some kind of rhythm.  But what was it?  The strange noise cluttered and clattered in time - a weird beat with some young Orewa College students dancing over something.  I wondered what they were dancing over with a puzzled look.  The noise grew stronger and stronger as I approached with every petite step.  

From the corner of my eye, I see light, bright light.  Sharp powerful rays of thick sunlight shone through the Orewa College Hall windows shining directly on a big pale sign that read “Chinese Bamboo Dance” I knew what I was in for.

Once we had been shown how to dance the Chinese Bamboo Dance we all, one by one began to awkwardly trip over the tough rugged bamboo sticks.  We weren't all very good at performing the Chinese Bamboo Dance.

Taiko Percussion

“Eki, eki Tamashii!” yelled the percussionist as he beat the enormous, wooden drum. The huge, brown cylindrical drums with white animal skin wrapped around the top sat on the stage in front of the two drummers.There were two big drums that came up to their waist, and two smaller drums a hand width high, on a stand. Right at the front of the stage there were two more drums lying at an angle like cartoon cannons!

The leader was a tall, muscular, European in a long black tunic with a long red sash tied around his middle. His partner, was a smaller Asian guy dressed exactly the same clothes.

The actions were big and loud.All though some actions were really small and soft. The drummers were always in rhythm with each other.

The drumming was so loud I could feel the vibration through the floor. I was so absorbed in it I felt numb.
The drumming was awesome and the activities after, made it better. The day was an amusing introduction to Asian stuff.                             

By Ross   

Asia Experience Day at Orewa College

This year the Year 5 and 6 students have been learning Japanese and Mandarin with specialist language teachers from Orewa College. The goal has been to foster language learning at an earlier age to support student literacy and encourage the development of Asian language learning and cultural awareness.

We were invited today to a cultural event at Orewa College to celebrate our language and cultural learning and to experience different aspects of the cultures we have studied.

Chinese Bamboo Dance

Japanese Chopsticks Race

Face making

 Paper flower making
Japanese Takoyaki tasting (Octopus tasting)

 Japanese Anime drawing
 Lantern making
Tai Chi

Chinese Sugar Art