Monday, May 21, 2018

ANZAC Haiku writing and art

This year, ANZAC day fell during the school holidays, but we learned about several aspects of the story of the ANZACs, and how we remember the sacrifices made by many for us.

Animals at war

Animals were taken to the war for many reasons.
animals were brought to the war to be mascots.a mascots used to represent a group of people or a team.mascots gave soldiers good luck in the war to help the soldiers remember their pets from home.horses were used by the cavalry they also pulled wagons with guns and supplies.dogs were trained to look for wounded soldiers in no-mans land,cats were trained to kill the rats in the trenches.homing pigeons delivered messages and donkeys carried water and supplies.

The red poppy

The red poppy HAS BECOME a symbol to remember the brave soldiers that fought at war.
The red poppy was one of the first plants to grow and bloom in the mud and soil flounders.
Lots of people buy red poppies to remember the soldiers that thought for peace. People sell poppies for lots of money.the poppies red ness represents the blood of the troops.

Anzac biscuits.

Anzac biscuits were made for the soldiers at war for a snack.the biscuits reminds us of the heroic troops at war.there is a story that when new zealand and australia soldiers joined forces to become the anzacs someone decided to make a biscuit to celebrate.anzac biscuits are also called army biscuits,anzac wafer and anzac tile anzac biscuits were a sign to celebrate anzac day.

Anzac day

Anzac day is a time to remember the soldiers that fought at war,to bring freedom and peace to their country.


     ANZAC Day

ANZAC day helps us to remember all of the soldiers who went to war. All of the brave soldiers did not all come back.But they tried to save our free land. There were biscuits animals and poppies used. To remember the wars animals did jobs and made the soldiers feel at home. People sometimes forget ANZAC day, but a way to remember is to bake ANZAC biscuits or plant some poppies remember people who went to war.

War mascots are animals. That helped soldiers and made the them feel at home. Some animals or should I say mascots are different like dogs cats horses birds and donkeys. There are more different animals. But they all didn't survive some died, some lived, some of them are gone. But the animals helped so much.



Anzac day is a time to celebrate those who died at war it was cool that the animals took part in the war. The soldiers went to war to protect their country.

John simpson and his donkey saved over 300 people before being shot when he was just 22 years old. John  simpson was born in england in 1892. he worked with his own donkey. John simpson was not a good soldier but he helped the wounded in the war with the help of a donkey.
Simpson continued to help people even though there were bullets flying all over the place. It was super hard for the sleepy soldiers to find a place to lie down.

Ozzy and New Zealand joined together to make an ANZAC army. Someone made a ANZAC cookie to celebrate. ANZAC soldiers eat ANZAC cookies instead of bread because it has egg in it and stuff with egg in it is most likely going to mold in a couple of days. So when a soldier is hungry and he goes to get some bread the bread will be very moldy because the  bread has egg in it.

Animals were brought to help the badly injured soldiers at war. Some of the animals were really good mascots because it gave some soldiers some good luck. The animals helped soldiers by giving them supplies to keep them going. The animals were also good at finding wounded soldiers especially dogs. If animals weren't at war most soldiers would be dead.

Those are some facts about ANZAC day i'm really interested in simpson and his donkey.


 The Significance of ANZAC

ANZAC day is very important because it helps us remember the soldiers that went to war to protect and serve their country. Also the way they fought with their lives at risk for their people, their freedom and their country.

Did you know that not just soldiers went to war animals went too such as horses, dogs, cats, pigeons and donkeys. But let's talk about Pelorus Jack the Bulldog Jack worked with the sailors in the navy. He barked at exploding shells. But there was actually two Jacks and sadly one died so the other Jack took his place. Their is even their collars in the Devonport maritime museum. There was also another dog called Caesar and he was great at spotting wounded soldiers in the dark.

The red poppy is a symbol of war remembrance all over the world to remember the soldiers, animals and nurses that went to war. The poppy was used for selling the day before anzac day they bought 350,000 small and 16,000 big silk poppies. They ended up using 3695 of the profit to help the french childrens league to help suffering families in northern france. These days the money raised by selling poppies goes to war veterans. The poppies are very special because they grow in disturbed ground in Flanders fields like in trenches and craters of war zones.

ANZAC biscuits are very significant to New Zealand just like the poppy  we use it to remember the soldiers. But they can also be called soldiers biscuits, army biscuits, ANZAC wafers and ANZAC tiles. When New Zealand and Australia joined forces to become the ANZACs they started to use the biscuits for food at war. The ANZAC biscuits were actually made by the mothers, wives and girlfriends who stayed behind then they sent them to the soldiers. Sometimes when the biscuits went hard the soldiers would grind them into stew or porridge instead of having bread. So the anzac biscuit were very important to those who went to war.

Chewy yummy taste
From tasty ANZAC biscuits
We sent of to war

So ANZAC day is very important because it reminds us of those who served our country during the world war. From little ANZAC biscuits and poppies to animals at war.

Lest we forget