Monday, August 8, 2016

It’s a craze that started in New York and has now come to Auckland. It involves the humble Post-it note.
Ad agencies in New York were the first to display the mosaic-style pictures in their windows, and now Auckland is the latest city to raid the stationary cupboard in the name of art.
Look high above the streets of central Auckland and there is an art gallery emerging.
Scroll down and you will find LZ1's version of this Post-it note craze.
LZ1 students were asked to work collaboratively to plan and create a piece of Post-it note art that reflected the Olympic games.  As you look at our photos you may notice some students not in uniform - these were our Chinese visitors who joined us for the afternoon program.
Scroll down and enjoy our creations.

Abby, Lucy, Maryam, Tamzin