Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Marsden Bay Camp Memories

Memories of Marsden Bay Camp

Stand up paddle boarding
The heavy paddle now in my hands. The board drifting out as I turn my head to see my friend digging her toes in the sloppy, wet sand. I slowly paddle on my knees as my friend catches up to me and requested to stand up because it’s way more fun and easy.

I attached the dark round black strap to my right ankle. My hands gripping onto the side of my paddle board and slowly leaning forwards to rise to my feet. My fingers slipping off the board as I cautiously stand up. I used the paddle to keep me steady while I stand. Just as I was about to paddle to the rest of my group I heard a sudden splashing behind me. I steadily turn to see who it was but then I feel myself tipping. I screamed in horror as I felt the tip of my finger dive into the water. The cold, salty blue sea drenched me and suddenly turned me into a shivering boss. Which basically means I shivered and shivered and shivered a lot.

All of a sudden I stopped shivering. The water felt no longer cold and I wasn’t afraid of falling off the board. Then I learned that I didn’t need to worry so much and that I should concentrate on what we are here for. To have fun.


Camp thank you letter

Dear Dad,

Thank you for giving up your own time to come help us at camp I really appreciate you doing archery in the hot scorching sun all day.Thank you for doing the dishes,
Serving us food and much,much more

At camp I faced some challenges.
Like getting a good night’s sleep on the first night in our noisy booming cabin,dodging million dollar boats whilst kayaking and paddle boarding in the refreshing canal or hand pulling myself across the thick metal wire back to the platform at treetops adventures was also a challenge.

More importantly I had some success at paddle boarding and kayaking in the cooling life filled canal by staying incontrol the whole time. At the huge entertaining treetops place in Whangarei. At the air rifles I also felt successful.

The best thing about camp was to spend quality time with family and friends,fun activities and amazing food
It was fun doing archery in the hot sun which gave me the opportunity to focus and have fun.some more cool things include the humorous talent quest and the exhilarating zorb football and soapy water slide.

Yours sincerely



At camp i feel some challenges were to go to sleep and making the tallest structure out of
Spaghetti  and marshmallows.

More important i had some success at air rifles and archery and tree adventures

The best thing about camp was hanging out with my friends at tree adventures.

By armani.

At Camp
At camp I faced some challenges. They were trying not to be scared of the fishes in the water at kayaking and paddleboarding.  
More importantly,  I had some success at archery. At first I couldn’t aim but at least once or twice I hit the target. With kayaking, I was slow but then I got the hang of it and went a little faster. I felt very proud of myself.

The best things about camp were that we got to have SHOWERS! and I liked doing the Zorb balls... Till I bumped my head.

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Swimming Sports

Recently we had Senior Swim Sports at the Stanmore Bay Leisure Centre. The students who attended had great fun in the competition. They have written a moment in time description to remember the event.

Swimming sports
I heard people chanting and yelling their house colour.

I saw people swimming in the glistening pool.

I felt weird, pressured and terrified.

I wondered if my legs could keep me up.

By Mia

Moment In Time

I heard people loudly cheering others on.
I saw water splashing around.
I felt nervous and tired but excited.
I wondered if I was going to win.


Swim Sport
I heard encouraging chanting coming from each house team.
I saw the vast amount of children sitting down on my right but to my left I saw the far smaller amount of parents sitting down and watching their children.
I felt the sensational thrill of swimming going hastily through my shattered body.
I wondered why my back felt broken (I pulled my back muscle).

Swimming Sports

I heard all  the water splashing wildly on the tiled floor.

I saw everybody racing I  was shouting as hard as I could.

I felt so energized and excited and a little bit nervous all the others were so good.

I wondered if I would win or at least become a podium finisher.
Ben H

Monday, March 4, 2019

A visit from St John

Each class at school was fortunate to spend an hour or so with a representative from St John.  We were taught some basic, life saving skills.  We learnt how to respond when presented with a person who has had an accident and is not responding.  We were shown the following steps by Kassandra (St John's instructor) and Keina....

Then we all had a turn to practise with a buddy,,,

We all were given a first add kit to take home. 

Thanks St John for a very valuable lesson on how to respond to an accident with confidence.  

Picnic Writing

Picnic 2019...it rained, we had fun, we remembered and wrote about it!

Wenderholm Picnic!
Last Friday Dairy Flat School went to an amazing school picnic to Wenderholm Regional Park. It’s been a tradition for over 50 years.
We go there every year to have fun, compete with others and get together.

The first thing we did was the tug of war. We all lined up in our house groups and waited for our year groups to get called. When the year 5 and 6s got called in Kauri got called, everyone rushed to get the rope. Puriri was already pulling before they were allowed to! Kauri got knocked out cold but they did have more people than us!

Next, the teacher (Mrs Thompson) talked into a microphone thing the sound pierced your ears MORNING TEA she shouted loudly and before you could say picnic, all the kids started running to the changing rooms with
their togs in one hand. After everyone got changed they jogged back to their picnic mats and ate their morning tea.

After that, we all gathered up in a group. I heard kids talking to their friends
“We’re going swimming,” the people said.
“Year sixes!”called out one of the teachers. So we lined up behind her. We walked through a narrow, sandy path to the beach, where the water was glistening. The first swimming activity was….. A relay race! Except you had to run through the water, swim around an adult ,swim back to shore and tag one of your teammates.

Lastly, we did some soccer. Two teams got called up to play and the other teams were standing on the sidelines Cheering us on. All of a sudden, it started raining! I got soaked! (Not that I already was from going swimming).

We packed up once it started pouring down with rain. I had a really great time at the school picnic although I left feeling really tired and exhausted at the same time.


School Picnic

Last Friday Dairy Flat School went to Wenderholm Regional Park for their school picnic. Dairy Flat School had been going on picnics since the dinosaurs were around so in other words it's a tradition.

Firstly, the hooter went off attracting the whole school to their house flags where they got into year groups and houses. The first event was tug of war. Kauri achieved an amazing 12 out of a hundred, which was normal.

Next were the water activities. Halfway through it began to rain and I was soaked to my organs. It was pouring with rain when we were packing up, but then I saw something weird behind a tree. I walked over to the tree but I saw nothing at all. I thought I was just seeing things, however when walked back... there it was again! It looked like a rat or turkey.

No matter I still had a good time. What a picnic! What a day! What an everything!

The Picnic

SKREE!! The crowd is going wild as Kauri and Puriri battle it out as the rope gets tighter and tighter like it was going to slice in half.

Firstly there was the competition heats and finals for the winners for tug of war. Unfortunately we got wasted we came last sadly.

Secondly we had the good old morning tea. Then we lined up in year order from year 0 to year 6 so we could we all jump onto the beach happily for the beach activities.

Our first activity was realays so we all lined up in our house and got ready 3 2 1……… GO!!!!
I sprinted into the water nervously the water was cold as ice but never mind kauri had the relay to win.
Once I was at half way I was so happy cause I was going to win. As soon as my feet could touch bottom I started to push myself through the water. Suddenly I was out of the water and I touched my team mate she ran ………..and so on and so on.

But then it started to rain we all got soaked although we already were. It was disappointing cause we all had to head back to school and we didn’t get to the sand castle competition but we all still had a great time that's okay.


Picnic 2018

Last week, on Friday the 23rd of February, the whole entire Dairy Flat School, (If you ask me it’s a truckload) travelled to Wenderholm Regional Park. It was a marvellous opportunity to go there with my father, however, the day didn’t come turn out quite as I had expected.

The noisey hooter rang loudly like a fire alarm, everybody ran to go to their flag. Charlotte, Mackenzie, Luka, and I, had to sort our house out. It was like herding mindless sheep! Once the Kauri team switched their brains on, it was Tug-o-War time, testing each team’s strengths. It was pretty crucial as,  I’ve ALWAYS wanted Kauri to be top dog. It was the year five/sixes turn, but boy, I felt like bacon sizzling on a pan, I always thought that the house leaders didn’t compete in this event. Picking up the large, tangled rope, Kauri pulled and tugged. But PURIRI absolutely wrecked us. We toppled over each other! My back felt really sore. At least it was over and done with.

After a small intermission putting on dry togs and having some morning tea, it was the beach activities! The sand felt mushy between my bare feet. It’s like walking on mashed potato!             I caught a sight of the parents. They started walking into the water and out of the blue, Mr Grice yelled enthusiastically “RELAY RACES!” HOWEVER, I was the exact OPPOSITE! The first person dashed into the sea, and dived under the waves, I only saw their arms. They moved quickly, then the next person left into the sea, then the next, third, forth, and then ME. I couldn’t do it, did I have to? Yes! Did I want to? Exactly the opposite of yes, but my legs took me away, I couldn’t stop now, there was no turning back the challenge. I dived under the waves kicking my arms and legs frantically, I was almost to shore. I swam around the parent, swimming quick as a motor boat, I was at shore and I high-fived the next victim. Then slugged to the back of the line. My legs throbbed, my chest whined with tiredness. Out of the blue, it was THE NEXT ACTIVITY. (GROAN)

Tired, hungry, wet and miserable, I was totally out of breath.
“Lu? Could you go get changed?” said my dad politely. I replied “yes” In a croaky voice. I was glad it was lunchtime. All the boys in the men’s changing room bragged about what they were going to do after the picnic. I personally wanted a bubble bath - an after-the-picnic fantasy.

The clouds towered over the sun, then the rain came pouring out of the dark clouds. It was raining! I rushed over to our picnic blanket, dad was there, he gave me money for sausage sizzle and gave me a parka. It was baggy, but I didn’t get wet. I quickly ate my soggy sausages, and carried some of the things I brought to this picnic back to the car.

Okay this picnic was a disaster, but I still felt happy. I got through it (Even though I am exhausted and wet). It was still worth the rain, I got to have a bubble bath, well, they say dreams DO come true, least I don’t have to do it next year (PHEW!)


School picnic

Last Friday, Dairy Flat School had a picnic. We went to Wenderholm Regional park with my class it was an amazing trip we went because it was a tradition and loads of fun.

We arrived at Wenderholm regional park first we all sat down to have roll that took about five minutes I know its a lot of waiting. But its 300 people it takes a while when that was done we went on to the tug of war. Rimu and Puriri where pulling as hard as they could but but rimu wasn't strong enough next it was my turn. I went up to the rope picked it up and then everyone started pulling. I felt so exhilarated I was pulling so hard but it wasn't hard enough we lost. Well that was the tug of war.

It was time for the activities when we did those first we did the swimming where we had to swim around the parents it was really tough but I got threw it. Next we did this thing where we had to go get the balls that the teacher had thrown out. I got a lot of balls that's all I could really remember of the activities.

In conclusion it would've been much better if the weather was better but it was an amazing picnic and I hope the weather is better next year.



Last Friday DFS went to Wenderholm Park. Dairy Flat has been going there for over 75 years. It is so much fun!

The first event, aka the funnest, was tug war. Kowhai won but Puriri lifted another team off their feet literally. We beat them somehow and it felt really good.

The second thing we did was relays.I think Kowhai won, but I'm not that sure. We had to swim to the teachers, swim back, tag your teammate and then sit down.

After the relays we went for a free swim it was really cold. Sadly there were no big waves only small ones. It was fun all the same.

Lastly we did some more activities. But it started raining. I think the picnic was a success. It was the best day of the year so far.

By Cayden

Sunday, March 3, 2019

Pre picnic....picnic

As an introduction to our annual school picnic and in conjunction with our overarching theme of respect, we had a 'taste' of a picnic here at school.  We discussed where respect might be present at a picnic.  We also discussed what the purpose of a picnic was and whether the purpose of our Dairy Flat School picnic was the same today as it was when the school first started. We used our discussions to create some complex ideas for our writing...