Saturday, March 24, 2018

Learnz No more tips or dumps Virtual Field Trip Video 2018

On Thursday Andy and Shelly came to Dairy Flat to interview some students about being at school near the Redvale Landfill.
Here is the video they filmed.

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Interschool Swim Sports

Hibiscus Coast, Interschool
Swim Sports - Northern Arena, 2018

On Thursday 22nd March 11 children represented Dairy Flat School at the Interschool Swim sports at Northern Arena. There were 14 other schools in attendance, including our school.

A big CONGRATULATIONS to Luchian, George, Armani, Lachlan, Cassandra, Eva, Zoe, Maddison, Phillipa, Courtney and Rhea who represented our Year 5/6 children in Freestyle, Backstroke, Breaststroke, Medley and the Freestyle relay.

An amazing achievement by Armani Stanaway, who qualified from the relays to represent our School in the finals for Freestyle, Backstroke and the Medley.

Thank you to our wonderful parent help who were abe to transport the children to and from the event, along with time keeping duties on the day.

Ms Ryder

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Camp Lost Property

Camp Lost Property

We had a fantastic camp in Tauranga, but we have lots of lost property. Please check the anything your's. A pillow, blanket, towels, togs, bags, wet suit???

Thursday, March 8, 2018


The recent thunderstorms inspired
some fantastic writing ...

The rain pours down,
A gentle tap
As the thunder says
The wind whirl as
Lightning starts to form.
It was a terrifying
The rain falls down,
A heavy beat.
And the ground
It will soon meet.
The rain goes back
To a gentle tap.
A little noise,
But no thunderclap.
Sunshine beams across
The lawn,
It’s no longer dusk,
Only dawn,
As I remember that


by Pippa

All alone in the dead of night
The moon being my only night
In bed petrified with fear
Running down my cheek, a tear
BOOM! CRACK! Thunder roars
What is all this lightning for?
Rain creeping down the roof
Is this a nightmare?Where’s the proof
Suddenly the rain starts to cease
And the thunder starts to wheeze
With a cough thunder runs away
And lightning says “another day”


Monday, March 5, 2018


Water wise

Brrrmmm squeak went the car as we pulled up at water wise I can just feel the adventure waiting to happen.

By the way we are at water wise water wise is when we go to marzden bay and learn about being safe in and around the water so lets get on with the games. Once every body was ready we got organised in to our groups. Group 1 went to sailing 2 went to kayaking and group 3  ( my group) went to beach events.

During beach events we were told we would be doing flags, save your partner and sculpture competitions. To start of flags and surprisingly I made it to fourth place. Next save you partner then it was sculpture competition and then we all went to morning tea.

After morning tea my group and I went to sailing. When we got there they said we could go 2 in 1 boat so me and mackenzie went in a boat together. Now ,you see we were just supposed to go to the pole and back. But the boat obviously thought different so we ended going way of track and we even got caught in a little doldrums and we started spinning round and round it was absolutely hilarious. We eventually made it back to shore just in time for lunch.

After lunch we went to kayaking but when we arrived we realized we didn’t have enough kayaks so we split into 2 groups so while group 1 went out we stayed and played in the water. Then we got on, once we were all the way out we turned around and went back to the wharf pulled our kayaks up and jumped off a few times. Then we kayaked back to shore and got ready to leave.

Now that we were all out of the water and dressed we headed home so over all this was a mighty good adventure.


Today I am going to be writing about the extraordinary day at waterwise.Waterwise is where we learn to be safe around water and do lots of fun activities in and around water.So now I will tell you all about the awesome day.

Firstly we all did kayak to the pontoon and back.After me and Zoe played in the water for a little while then I went in the purple kayak again.The first five minutes of kayaking was a little bit hard but then after I got the hang of it. Kayaking was probably my favourite adventure of the day.

Secondly I will be  writing about the extraordinary sailing activity.Carmen was my sailing buddy.The boat was electric blue and had a wooden tiller and a white sail with a smiling golden star in the middle.When me and Carmen got on the boat I controlled the sail and Carmen controlled the tiller.Then every once and awhile each of us took a break and the other person took control of the sail and the tiller.Sailing was probebly a close second to kayaking.

Today was fantastic and I would totally do everything again.

Charlotte Davis Roe


    “Hooray!” I said excitedly. “Today is waterwise!” I had just got out of bed when I remembered was waterwise. If you’re wondering what waterwise is,a school trip to Manly Beach and there you get to learn how to sail kayak and do beach activities.

     “Yay! I’m here!” I look around to find that nobody was there except for me. Since i’m the first one at Manly beach I got to go on a nearby playground. After a while my class arrived and, including me, got changed into our togs. The teachers sorted everyone into three groups, I was in group three also there were nine people in my group.
My first thing was the beach activities with Mrs J, my own teacher from school. The first activity was that there were eight flags stuck in the ground and we needed to run and get a flag before anyone else otherwise your out. After we played that we learned what to do when your drowning. Everyone got into a pair but because there was an odd number of my group I went in a three with Jenna and Leandi. First one of us got a board and another goes into the water with a life jacket on. But because I was in a group of three, Jenna stayed with Mrs J at shore, I had the board and Leandi went into the water. What I had to do was run with the board to Leandi, who had her hand up to tell me that she needed me. So when I got to her, both of us held onto the board and I pulled her to shore. Everyone swapped so that someone doesn’t feel left out. After that we did some beach art and for that we did a big seaweed koru.                                                                                           
Secondly my group did sailing and kayaking, which was really exciting for me because I love kayaking and I want to learn how to kayak. First we did sailing, we had find a buddy and mine was Jenna. Next we began to learn to sail. Jenna was the main sailor first, once we got our information the teacher pushed us and the boat into the crystal clear water. I was in charge of centre board in and making sure that my head doesn’t bump into the sail,while Jenna was turning the sail and the rudder. I decided to close my eyes for a while but before I could do that I spotted a floating noodle in the water! I laughed and told Jenna about it and how it looked like someone  was snorkeling and the noodle was their snorkel! Finally we got back to shore and it was my turn to sail but I hopped to out to have swim not knowing that I needed to stay in the boat so that me and Jenna could swap places. When I realized that I needed to stay in the boat, I asked if I could get back in, because the boat was to high, but the teacher said no! So while Jenna was sailing again I decided to practise my handstands in the sea. A few minutes later it was finally my turn to sail, so I got into the boat and Jenna gave me instructions. After about one minute I had to turn back, I was heartbroken and I felt like my heart broke into a million pieces and then getting rolled over by a steam roller 99,999,999 times. Well after that disaster, it was time for kayaking!