Thursday, August 30, 2018

EPro8 Challenge

Congratulation to the Year 5 & 6 EPro 8 teams they have come first equal in the challenge today and
now go through to the semi-finals in November. The EPro8 Challenge is a competition, an engineering
and problem-solving race.

Circuit Breakers Team: Oliver Prowse, Troy Win, Hailey Li, Cole Hampson-Tindale

Electric Jolts Team: Kayden Lu, Lucy Kim, Caitlin Woollett, Mina Judd

Sunday, August 26, 2018

Home learning Wk6

Already we are half way through the term!

We had a great day at the cross country with lots of school spirit on display. 

This week we are working hard on production, preparing our speeches, and working hard on our Ag day art. 

On Thursday afternoon, we have a visiting production performance of Red Riding Robyn Hood .  

We also have Interschool cross country on Thursday and Epro8 on Friday for those who have been selected. 

Please remember to bring along some more additional pens for stationary.  

We have a maths problem this week that is based around helping out with the Zany Zoo production construction. Enjoy!

Have a great week !

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

LZ1J Calendar Art and Explanations

Here are the amazing Kente Cloth weavings we have done for Calendar Art. They are bright and colourful representations of each individual weaver, and would make fantastic cards, calendars, diary or notebook covers, etc. Please come in and view your child's art in the Calendar Art folder in our class, then order your Calendar Art on the form sent home this week...a great fundraiser for the school and a great momento of your child's art. Read some of their explanations below...


























Kente Cloth Explanation
My Kente Cloth is my individual piece of art that represents me,and who I am as a person. Kente Cloth is an art/cloth piece of work that comes from Ghana,and is varied in the Ashanti Kingdom.I have made a Kente Cloth out of paper strips and there is colours and patterns on it that I have chosen to show who I am.

The red in my Kente Cloth represents passion,and I believe I show passion to a few things I do in my life,like sleeping,having fun with my friends,and lots of other things too.

The orange in my Kente Cloth represents positivity,and being a smarty bean.The yellow in my Kente Cloth represents royalty not because I am related to royalty,it’s just because I think pretty highly of myself. 

As another one of my colours,I chose green.Green represents planting and growth,and divinity of Mother Earth.And for my last colour,blue.Blue represents peace and harmony,and those are all of my colours that I have chosen for my kente cloth.Now I will tell you about the patterns I chose.

One out of four of the patterns I chose was akoma,which is a heart.It represents patience and tolerance,which is required if you have siblings.

Two out of four of the patterns I chose was courage,which is just several thin lines coming down from the top of your paper.

My third pattern is best saka,which is a flower that shows abundance and unity,but I found drawing the flower the proper way was difficult so I switched to drawing just daisies.

My last pattern was the symbol of diversity.I felt that this was an important part of my kente cloth because it represents individuality in everyone and that is the theme for our term!. 

I am positive
I am outgoing
I am bright
I am

By Carmen.

Kente cloth explanation
Kente cloth is our art for this term and were not making real woven kente cloth we making paper remakes because the real ones would take much more time. For my kente cloth the There were many patterns to choose from but I chose a few that I liked in particular, I chose the symbols that represent energy because I'm energetic; courage because I'm brave, team work because I play rugby with my team and our number one rule is teamwork. Finally I chose a pattern for power because me and my team hasn't lost a game for 10-15 games.

There's colours for our kente cloth project as well, there are 7 colours in total that we’re allowed. Those colours are red, purple, green, gold, black, blue and white. The 4 colours I chose were gold because I'm lucky, green because I grow fast, red because I bleed a lot and I’ll one day die :(, and finally black because I like the color and I'm strong. Here is the meanings of the colors:Kente cloth

Our big idea at school is individuality and tolerance, this relates to kente cloth because 99% of kente cloth are different which means individuality.
I am royal
I am rich
I am wealthy
By Hunter

Kente Cloth Explanation.
Kente Cloth is a Traditional pattern woven in Africa. Kente cloth Originated in Ghana which the royals wear. We also made some out of Coloured paper strips which takes time, space and a little bit of practice.

I chose colours, Black,Purple,Gold,Blue and red cause it describes me and my individuality.

Lets start of with gold and its meanings, it represents royalty, wealth, and spiritual purity, Red represents passion, Bloodshed and death but not the bloodshed and death but I say yes to the passion, Purple represents , Femininity and healing.Black, Represents, Maturity and Strength and One of my favourite colours of all….Blue!!!It represents Peace and Harmony.

I chose Power, Diversity, Energy, Family bond and Bravery for the patterns, cause I have a lot of family bonding time with my family on the weekend, I have bravery and I have a lot of energy when I play Rugby and I’m kinda mixed from Diversity and last but not least…..Power!!! I think I have a lot of power when I’m either Mad, Sad Or I’m giving it all I got.

Individuality is a big thing in life cause it's about your individuality and I think without your Individuality you’re basically nothing, You would just be an empty soul not knowing what to do. Kente Cloths were basically made to Represent your Individuality and who you are and I think that's kinda precious for me cause without knowing who you are your Basically ‘ ‘Empty’. Well that's how I think it is for me and I think you should be who you are and you shouldn't listen to others who try to change you and you should be yourself.

I am Royal
I am Wealth
I am


Kente Cloth Explanation
Kente cloth is a traditional woven cloth from Ghana (Africa) we are making kente cloths out of paper strips.

The colours I picked are purple, orange, red and blue. I chose purple and orange because they are my favourite colours and I picked blue because blue represents peace and harmony. I picked red because I am passionate for pokemon. There are also different patterns that we are allowed to pick and all of them have different meanings. The patterns that I picked are energy, teamwork, family bond and knowledge. I picked energy because I am very energetic, I picked teamwork because I work well as a team at home. I picked family bond because I love my family. I chose knowledge because I am smart.

My kente cloth represents who I am.
I am royal
I am wealthy
I am rich
I am

By Corey

My kente cloth!

My kente cloth has many different colours and symbols that represents my individuality. For my kente cloth colours I chose green, black, blue and purple. On green I have a symbol of greatness and leadership. On black I have a symbol of faith and trust in god. On blue I have a symbol of loyalty and on purple a symbol of patience and tolerance. I chose green because it's a part of nature. I chose black because it means maturity. I chose blue because it is my favourite colour and it represents peace and harmony. I chose purple because it represents being ladylike. So it represents my individuality.
I am beautiful
I am peace and harmony
I am the ocean
I am

By Jenni