Thursday, April 19, 2018

Term One Inquiry Projects

In Term One our topic was 'Oceans' and its relevance to us. The students inquired into many different aspects. Here are a few of the presentations LZ1 students created. Several students shared their learning with more junior classes and kept them fully engaged. Well done.
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Orca in Captivity Report
Sadly Orca are kept in captivity just so people can watch them do tricks it is really sad.

In the wild, Orca live to around 60-80 years but in captivity they live to about 9 years. Being in captivity is so sad for them people have even seen orca purposely beaching themselves. It is like Orca suicide.

When Orca are kept in very small tanks all they do is swim around in circles because they have gone mad. When male Orca are kept in captivity their dorsal fin permanently collapses.

When Orca are kept in captivity they are more likely to attack humans like what happened to that lady at sea world where as in the ocean they love human company.

So next time you see tickets to see any animal kept in captivity mainly orca please ignore them and maybe they will stop having Orca shows. Because without orca nothing would eat the fish and all the fish would eat all the plankton and we would have no air. So we need Orca to save us and our ocean.

By Cassandra Mutter and Eva Josephs

Presentation Video Link
          Why the sky changes colour Report
We are here to tell you about why the sky changes colour. Scattering effects of light colours coming from the sky causes the sky to change colour. But the details are affected by the wavelength of the light and the size of the particles.
The short wavelength blue or violet are scattered by particles in the air much more than others colors of the rainbow. This is why blue and violet light reaches our eyes from all directions on a clear day.
Because we can’t see violet very well, the sky appears blue..Scattering also explains the colors of the sunrise and sunset. Because the sun is low on the horizon , sunlight passes through more air at sunset and sunrise than during the day when the sun is higher in the sky. More atmosphere means more molecules to scatter the violet and blue light away from your eyes. If the path is long enough, all of blue and violet light scatters out of your line of sight., and you see reds and oranges.
Thank you for listening to our little speech
from Jenni, Kiara and Madi!  
Rhea, Samantha and Pippa's Slide show

How plastic affects the world!!
Jaime and Kaitlin's slide show

Plastic Report
Hello today I’m going to talk to you about plastic and how it affects the world. Plastic is a man made material made from crude oil. sometimes plastic can be very useful but sometimes it’s pure EVIL!! Also plastic can not break down completely, unlike food scraps it will just break down to little pieces which causes pollution.

Plastic can easily kill animals, in fact tens thousands of animals are killed from plastic pollution each year. =( Often the creatures mistake plastic for food, otherwise who knows why animals eat plastic. 500 times more plastic is in the sea than there is than stars!! So please remember: if you see some plastic on the ground PICK IT UP NO MATTER WHAT!!!!
Sometimes plastic can be so toxic that it be poisonous!  
Plastic is made into many different things.

Sometimes it is very useful and can be made into: containers, clothes, medical equipment and transportation. But other times plastic is not very useful at all. For example: pollution, it is a murder to animals and plastic can break down to tiny pieces and go into water. Also landfills are full of plastic. =(    )=

If you want to help the world survive, then PLEASE reuse, reduce, recycle and refuse single use plastic and reusable cups and bags to make the pollution a whole lot smaller. If you don't know how to do that then follow these instructions: get a bucket or something that is quite big and put all your hard plastic stuff that you don't need. Once a week put the plastic in a bag and put it where you have your rubbish that a truck comes to pick it up. (don't use a rubbish bin) That is how easy it is! Also if you can't do that. Whenever your at a store DON'T use  plastic bags. For example, you’re at a store and you are at the counter, when the person at the counter is checking your stuff say that you don't want any plastic bags. Also you can just use reusable bags. What you'll be doing being a hero to everyone and everything in the entire world!!

So please follow my advice to save the world, if you just decide to not follow them then you've made a very bad choice and let everybody down. So make less pollution, less animals killed and HELP SAVE THE WORLD BEFORE WE DIE!!!!
By Jaime and Kaitlin

Endangered Sharks slide show

How much plastic is in the ocean?

 a video written and presented by Leandi and Jenna