Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Welcome to LZ1

Dear Parents and Caregivers
Mrs Thompson, Mrs Jefferson, Mrs Forlong and Mr Grice are looking forward to teaching your child in LZ1 (Learning Zone 1) this year. We have moved into our new space on the upper floor of the new building.
To find out what is happening in LZ1 please refer to:
 * Dairy Flat School Public Calendar
* School Newsletter

Children should please bring their swimming togs every day.

Please bring your stationery to school in week 1.

School hats are compulsory in Term 1.

There will be a number of permission and information notices arriving home over the next few weeks, these can also be accessed on our team blog, which can be found on the Dairy Flat Website under Notices.  Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Home Learning: This week we would like you to engage your child in a discussion about our debate topic “Oceans are irrelevant to me and the part of the world I live in.” Please encourage them to think about this provocative statement!

Digital devices are encouraged and welcome from day two. These are not to be used before school, morning tea, lunch or after school.
Our learning for Term 1:
Explain how living things are suited to their particular habitat and how they respond to environmental changes, both natural and human-induced.
Oceans are irrelevant to me and the part of the world that I live in
What do you know about how things are suited to living in the ocean?
What do you know about environmental changes in the ocean? (Natural & Human)
Integrated into our Inquiry:
Growth Mindset
Problem solving
Place Value
Basic Facts
Writing - Oceans
Persuasive & Report
Treaty Waitangi/Oceans
Purposes & Audiences
Myths & Legends
Ocean Art
Environmental Sculptures

Digital Technologies:
Outdoor Education:
Volvo Ocean Village
Camp - Mt Maunganui
Many thanks
Susan Thompson (Team Leader)