Sunday, June 25, 2017


This week, during Values, we explored the importance of Perseverance. The class viewed the following videos and discussed - What key ideas are the most important to pass on to the next generation about perseverance?

These were the ideas we came up with......

What gets in the way of you persevering?

Many thanks to Melitz for the presentation.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Wacky Wig Wednesday

Wacky Wig Wednesday to support the Child Cancer Foundation.
We found out we can all be heroes if we help and support each other and be the best we can be. You don't need to wear a cape, just be awesome.

See what Kid President has to say.

Then we wrote a collaborative poem about heroes. Each stanza of the poem was written by a different group of children.
In response to Wig Wednesday and Cancer Heroes.....

LZ1 Collaborative Hero Poem

A different kind of hero
Could be a nurse
Who helps you when you're ill
And helps you from the worst  

A different kind of hero
could be a baby sitter
Who looks after many kids
Even the ones that are bitter

A different type of hero
Could be Vet                    
so brave and so kind
from a disaster, saving your pet.

A different kind of hero
Could be a caring friend
Who would look out for you when you’re sad
And would always give you goodies and over spend

A different kind of hero
Could be your mum and dad
They help through your hard times
And comfort you when you’re sad

A different kind of hero
Can be a family pet
Who puts a smile on our face
When we get upset

A different kind of hero
Makes us happy when we’re sad
Through any time of sadness
To stop us from being mad

A different kind of hero
Could be your dad
Who makes you feel happy
Even though you’re sad

A different kind of hero
Could be your sister
Who helps you through hard times
Even though she can be a blister

A different kind of hero
could be a vet
That takes care of your animals
And loves your special pet

A different kind of hero
Could be a nurse
Who cares for you when you're ill
And helps when you feel worse

A different kind of hero
Could be someone in disguise
Who cares for others
And is exceptionally wise

A different kind of hero
Could be your dad
That always kisses  you goodnight
And protects you from the bad.

A different kind of hero
Could have a smart mind
Could wear a cape
But I like heroes who are caring and kind

Friday, June 9, 2017

Soccer Zone Day

On Thursday, 2 teams, a boys/mixed team, and a girls team went to Stanmore Bay Soccer Zone Day. We had absolutely sparkling weather and absolutely sparkling play. Great teamwork and sportsmanship was shown by all.

The girls team won all their games and went on to win the cup - for the second time! Outstanding work!

Girls A Team
Chalize, Lilly, Trinity, Charlotte, Anya, Kaitlyn, Fleur, Angela, Cara, Porscha (Tamsin - absent) 
and Mr Bourhill - Coach

Boys A Team
Zoe, Max, Seb, Oscar, Cam, Harry, Vinny, Aidan and Lachlan

Tuesday, June 6, 2017


We hope you enjoy Charlotte's description of our day at Manly beach through the eyes of a starfish!!

The weak current of the sea washed me closer to my home for the day. The golden gritty sand of Manly beach seemed to go on forever and a troupe of kids scrambled over the grassy banks chattering away excitedly.

I was swept smoothly over to the other side of the golden beach and clung onto the slimy, grey pontoon. The children zoomed over to the colorful plastic kayaks like race cars and started debating over which boat they would get. The blue one is mine!” one child bellowed. But I beat you to it” another complained breathlessly. “It's mine!” they all fell about giggling. The children sat on the twinkling sand as their teacher (as excited as they were) quickly but thoroughly explained how to paddle and stuff like that. Then she split the children into two equal groups.

The first group of children dived into the awaiting kayaks as the second group held the boats still. Finally they were ready and the tips of their gleaming white paddles powered through the quiet salty water wonderland. They paused ten metres away from the grey pontoon where i was watching it all like a movie and they all parked up beside each other and the children on each end climbed hesitantly over the colourful plastic kayaks and resumed their paddle but i just realised that they were paddling towards me!

I decided to stay and watch from my hiding place  then i heard and saw a girl jumping happily from the pontoon When she was submerged in water I noticed a big grin spread like melted butter across her face as she felt the cool salty heaven of the sea wash over her skin. One by one they all took turns leaping off the pontoon, sending little crystals of water up into the air. I will always see them smiling. The children wanted to jump into the water again but the teacher was firm and told them there was no time but as far as i was concerned they had all the time in the world.

Just as they were about to paddle away a sudden wave of current pulled all of my five arms off the pontoon and washed me away over to the blue optimist sailboats.

I stuck to a smooth  dark grey stone and stared at the optimist boats being shoved back and forth by the steady, strong motion of the shallow waves.
Suddenly three girls came into view as they had obviously noticed the reality of losing  an optimist. They struggled to push the reluctant boats up the beach. Their teacher finally pulled them away to discuss what they would learn next. In exactly two minutes the same children who were paddling on the kayaks (including the three girls) were back for helpful ocean experience on the optimist sailboats. The lovely parent helpers taught the children the basics of controlling a sailboat in powerful wind (too bad the was not a lot of that) then the first young sailors leaped into the blue boats and sailed away. I couldn't see much of the first group sailing as a hungry seagull spotted me for lunch!

The seagull lost its sudden interest in me for lunch and flew steadily through the weak useless wind and I noticed the second group were ready to set sail  in the Optimist  boats. They started sailing away, occasionally shreaking after spotting thick masses of seaweed. By ten minutes the wind had died down completely and everyone decided to pack up everything.

The children started to pull out the centerboards from the sailboats and heaved the optimists onto the mini trailers with flat tires and struggled to drag them up the beach. Beside the boating  club house, I could hear the sharp spray of water shooting out from the green, snake-like hoses that were washing the salty water and crystal sand off the bright kayaks and optimist sailboats. The children were stuffing their life jackets into an already over stuffed navy plastic box overflowing with clean and salty water, washing  off most of the salt water and sand off the soaked life jackets that were responsible for the safety of the kids during the activities. Now the kayaks and optimists were being stored away and the life jackets were being hung up to dry, the children all went to go and get changed then they all sat down with wet hair and thanked Mr Cornelius and then they slowly departed and left for  school.

The main reason of water wise is to teach children how to do fun water activities safely because New Zealand has lots of coastline so children are more likely to play in the water so they need to learn to be safe.

By Charlotte Rose Lockie

Tree Adventures

In writing we are working on describing the setting in our narratives.  We have tried to use precise words and phrases that will show our reader rather than tell them.

Woodhill Adventures

The army of trees stood tall and still as the canopy of leaves never stopped fighting to keep the rays of light out.  He was clinging on for dear life.  He was at least 50 metres off the ground on a platform suspended by wire.  He pulled his sweatshirt tighter.  He could almost see his breath when he exhaled.  The platform swung wildly even when he was standing perfectly still and then he slipped....

By James Baker


Sunday, June 4, 2017

Arts Festival Writing

Arts Festival


“What colour should I do this?” I asked Rachel uncertainly.

It was Arts Festival and I was doing fence portraits. We were in Mrs Costello’s room. It was windy outside and a bit chilly. Mrs C’s room was filled from top to bottom with cute 5 year old's art work. On the floor of the class was a big, blue tarpaulin. I was excited to see what was next.

Once we had gotten the outlines of our portraits done we had to sit on the big grey mat. On the mat Mrs C told us that if you need to dry paint really quickly to use a the hairdryer not the heat gun because if you touch the hot bit on the heat gun it will peel your skin in less than 2 seconds. But of course Rachel had to accidentally trip over it and burn her foot! When we were painting our clothes I was trying to concentrate when all of a sudden someone asked me a question and I accidentally smudged the paint and got it in my hair.

When I was nearly done I started to get nervous because our portraits were going on the container at school. So that meant every person that walks into the school will see it. Then once I was finished I felt proud with a touch of creativity.

I enjoyed Arts festival a lot. I would definitely do it again.


Digital Photography

Digital Photography was the group I was in for arts festival. I was happy because it was the thing I really wanted to do! I was really excited to use a Photoshop™ like app. Even though we were using 21st century technology we were in a 19th century classroom.

We got straight into into it! Wait we watched a video to learn how to use ‘Gimp’ first. I decided to put Me, Isaac and Vincent on 3 separate oranges , I had a hard time finding 3 oranges on the same image, but accidentally Vincent put a picture of 3 oranges in my folder, So I stole it!

I started putting our faces onto the oranges, Time to add a earthworm to Isaac. I had like this anime type hair, Vinny had Donald Trump hair and Isaac had Justin Bieber hair. It was complicated especially when you have to make like 1000 layers! It was hard and SOOOO time consuming. I had to restart like 3 times!

Now it was time to print them off, Mrs Thompson took like 5 or so minutes just to print off 3

pictures hear that 3 pictures, geez it takes me like 5 minutes to grab like 237 packets of chips! Well after that we laminated them onto a wood plate or tile, I chose wood plate. Then it was time to go back to class.

It was really fun doing -Digital Photography-, I felt like I did really good.

Paper Quilling

As we headed over to the top of the hall Jack and I were talking. We were walking to the Paper Quilling section for Arts Festival. We were doing Arts Festival for Monday,Tuesday and Wednesday.

When we got to the hall we ran up the stairs and chose a table, and sat down. First we were introduced to Katie and Emily. After that Katie told us about Paper Quilling and how to do it. We had a choice if we wanted to do and animal or a letter, I chose a letter.

Paper Quilling is when you get a strip of  colourful paper and curl or roll it into a spiral, and you can shape it as well. There can be loose circles of tight circles. It’s really continuous and hard but it's still very fun! And when you done it's really rewarding because it looks awesome.

I liked doing Paper Quilling because it is cool, fun and rewarding!!!

By Ross

Celtic Knots

Have you ever wondered what celtic knots are? Well I’ve found out. On Monday and Tuesday I did Celtic Knots at school because school told us to.

On Monday we started arts festival and I did celtic knots. Miss Swan was teaching me and the rest of the group how to do celtic knots. The colouring in was tiring and a little bit boring and the painting was hard because I am not good at painting.

On Tuesday I started vividing then painting on the watercolour paper (the good copy) and we had to do our best. We had to do it on the bumpy side. I could not finish my art because I was away the next day wednesday.

When I was colouring in the C initial I was making a colourful background it was mainly bright colours. While I was on my S initial I drew pipes and anaconda patterns on it and the C initial I made it look like a monster with it’s mouth wide open. The eye is at the top and I also drew the pokemon wailord at the top.

Only 2 of my friends were in my group William and Taku and we got to pick any song we wanted except for ones that have swearing in it. I picked the song called YEAH!

At arts festival I was doing celtic knots because it looked quite fun so that's why I chose it. I felt quite happy after arts festival.

Chloe, Angela and I sat patiently and waited for our clay to be handed out.
Carleen (our Pottery teacher) gave a demonstration on how to make clay eggs then we set to work.

For Arts Festival Chloe, Angela and I were in Pottery class, and we were starting off by making an egg and having a clay animal poking out of the egg.
We had to half the clay and make a round bowl like structure and stick them together with super glue (water).
Which made a hollow oval that we shaped and smoothed to make an egg like hollow sculpture.

After we were satisfied with the shape of the egg we put them in the sun to dry.
Then after morning tea we made big holes in the eggs and I made bunny ears sticking out the top and a fluffy bunny tail poking out the back.
We made texture and stuck it on the cracks.
At lunch time we said goodbye to Carleen who was going to put the finished sculptures in the hot kiln.

The following day I happily hopped into the hall for the next Pottery class and the eggs weren't there!
They were still at Carleen’s house.
So we made little clay houses.
My clay house looked really cool once it was finished.
When we put them on the tray it looked like a mini village.
Afterwards we got to muck around with the clay and make little sculptures, I made a horse head and a bowl.

The next day, Wednesday, I quickly ran into the hall and sat at our table.
Carleen came in and announced that mostly all the eggs had burst or cracked.
I was hoping mine was alright.
I looked then I saw my shattered egg.
Carleen said to just use the part around the ears and whiskers.
I painted the egg with a crackle effect and my ears with black paint.

Pottery was so much fun and if you haven’t had a go, then buy yourself some self drying clay (if you don’t have access to a kiln) and get busy.



Marsden Bay Camp Writing

~Camp Marsden~

“AHHH!!!” Although I was familiar with blasting down the large slippery tower,  I still squealed with delight as I plunged down the massive tower at insane speed.  As the fierce bubbles whipped across my pale face, I crashed through the mud and liquid that surrounded the slide.  “That was such a Thrill!” I say with a big grin, arising from the bottom of the slide.  

I carefully strode back up to the top of the waterslide where  Charlotte was patiently waiting for me.  “Would you like to do a double with me?” asked Charlotte
“Sure!” I say.  Charlotte and I waddled up the wooden stairs that lead to where we wanted to go.  Soon it was our turn.  After five minutes the line slowly got shorter.  It was our turn.  Charlotte planted herself at the top of the slide. “Ready?” I asked. I waited for an answer. “GET ON!” yelled Charlotte. I picked up my game. I jumped on the slide behind her.  My shaking arms wrap round her waist.  I reach behind me and push on. We had taken off.   I thought I went fast when I went on my own, but no, this was INSANE!  We plunged down the slide like a wild lion chasing his prey. We reached the end.  Charlotte & I share a look. At the same time we say “We have to do that again.” We both start to giggle.

Since the start I had overcome my butterflies,  now I just crash down the waterslide willy nilly.
 I had overcome my fear.  Try to overcome your own fear.  It could turn out really fun just like the waterslide.  The waterslide was so amazing and exciting just like the whole Camp Marsden experience!

By: Angela Pivac
Camp Moment in Time

“Ahh I screamed as I bolted down the huge white Waterslide.

Even though the water coming out the small black pipes was cold as, we were all sliding down like mad dogs. The day was warm and happy. The sun's rays were shining all over us. The trees were still and quiet all you could hear was the loud scream of excited kids. The water felt nice against our warm bodies.

Because we were having so much fun we decided to go down in different ways. People started going down backwards, then on their bellies. Me and Tamsin started to go together on our butts. Next on our tummies together.

After that our whole group (10 people) went on at the same time. I was at the front which meant I had to grip to the big  wooden planks on the side of the slide. “3,2,1” yelled Mrs Forlong. “Ahh!” we all screamed as we were rushing directly to the end. “ We should go down in threes” we all said.

Although we were getting cold we kept sliding down,down,down. ‘Wa,hoo” I shouted excitedly as I zoomed down the wet slide. This had been the best activity yet.


Camp 2017 - moment in time

“Ahhhhh” I screamed as I flew down the surface of the water slide at Marsden Bay Christian Camp!!!!

Although today we were expecting a grey skyed boring rainy day we got a green grassed,steaming hot,bursting for water sunny day!!!

As soon as I am at the top of the long lined staircase I am plummeting at top speed down the waterslide hoping that I will stop in time before I reach the end of the water slide. I don’t go flying off the edge and then plummet down to earth and have a tragic end.

Although I am feeling scared and frightened that I might go flying off the edge and tragically end my life...That's not all I'm feeling, I am also feeling hopeful that I’ll survive excited to live and exhilarated to be flying down a waterslide at top speed. But if that hope fails on me I will die!

I think that the water slide was great fun not only for me but for the whole camp and was also a great opportunity for a growth mindset!!

Slug Guns
Ping! goes the slug against the metal target. I was shooting slug guns with Mr Pivac.

Although the grass is damp we were lying on a blue tarpaulin. There was a grassy hill in front with targets just in front of it. There was a cut down log behind us that we sat on. The tarpaulin was as blue as the sky.

Pop ping! goes the slug against the metal target, "Yes!"  I said, fist pumping. When we were shooting I didn't aim using the sights  because I have a BB gun at home. I successfully hit nine targets in a row.
I was very happy and proud because we had to beat eight and I got nine targets. I beat the record YAY!!!.

Connor M