Saturday, February 16, 2019

Football skills, Valentines day art, and House Leader Voting

We have had a busy week establishing routines and expectations within our LZ1 community and across the school. We have coped admirably with the searing heat and hope that it lasts all the way to the school picnic this coming Friday.  

Children enjoyed a football skills session on the turf. 

The weeks inquiry focused on identifying behaviour expectations within our learning zone and for our upcoming school camp in week six. Writing this week has focused on persuasive language in preparation for house leader speeches and voting on Friday. The speeches were a great success and were often entertaining.  They showed how lucky we are to have our senior students so enthusiastic to take up leadership roles. 

Valentines day in the style of Romero Britto were completed by many children and hopefully were well received.  

Looking forward to another great week. We have Meet the teacher evening on this Wednesday and the School picnic on Friday.  

Monday, February 4, 2019

Week of Inspirational Maths

This week we have been reintroduced to Jo Boaler's You Cubed Week of Inspirational Maths.

We learned that everybody can learn maths. That our brain can grow the more we work at more challenging Maths. We learned about the things we think will help or hinder us working in a group....not just for Maths. Our big idea is Respect this term, so we could see how important this value is to help our learning in groups too.
Today we looked at patterns and how both thinking about numbers and symbols, and using images (visualising) what we are doing in Maths helps strengthen our brains and understanding too. We found that people can find many patterns with the shapes we were looking at ...lots of different ideas.

We also learned some hand signals to quietly interact in a class.
Thumbs up for attention (instead of hands up)
Shake finger and thumb - "I agree"

Sideways thumb - "Not Sure Yet"