Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Random Acts of Kindness fortnight

As part of our fortnight where we are all participating in random acts of kindness, LZ1 have been creating Haiku's

A peaceful evening
Sparrows singing together
With pretty feathers


A flower blossoms
Against the rage of winter
Promising  new hope.

Rachel P.

Act of kindness week
Makes the school a better place
No more bullying

Kindness is lovely
A simple smile, a kind word
A calm, happy place

The cure for the harm
Is like silk wrapped around you
Just a word will do

Peacemaking the world
Medicine for all damage
Kindness is the best

Ditch those hurtful words
Saying them won’t do much use
Kindness is better

The silky smooth liquid
Fills your heart with joyfulness
A smile on your face

Helps you when you’re blue
It’s a simple thing to do
You can do it too


I'm considerate
To other human beings
You should be as well

Help people all day
They may return the favour
Everyone's happy

If you’re always nice
Then you can make lots of friends
Then you’ll be happy

Treat people nicely
Or else they surely will not
And you will be sad

People aren't perfect
Some kill others to entertain
Better to be nice


Kindness is power
Be the reason someone smiles
Be kind.Pass it on.    

Kindness is a treat.
Cooking with the best wonders.
Makes it smell sweeter.

Kindness is like gold.
Shimmering and sparkling bright.
Bold,strong,and worthy.



5: Being nice is cool
7: I really like being kind
5:Why don’t you be good

-Hunter and Tyler

If you have the choice
Try to inspire kindness
It will be worth it

  • Max

Thursday, September 21, 2017

STEAM display

 LZ1's STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Maths) projects were displayed in the hall Thursday 21 September.

Exploring Simple Machine

Designing Compound Machines

Applying their Knowledge - Building

Applying their Knowledge - Building

Applying their Knowledge - Building


Models, Makeymakey



Push Carts

Push Pull Cart

Amazing effort and engagement from all. Well Done.

Saturday, September 9, 2017

Mind Lab

Lz1 recently attended Mindlab at AUT. We were given the opportunity to programme and use Robots and Makeymakey.

~Makey Makey Explanation~

Lights flashing, Crocodile clips snapping, the Makey Makey was in action.  The Makey Makey is a small programing card shaped device.  
You program what you wish on a computer program called ‘Scratch’.  Hook your crocodile clips to the makey makey and the computer and your command will transfer.  

When you apply Crocodile Clips to Earth and Space you can program lots of things.  Such as making a computer to take a photo or video something cool when you apply force to your cardboard pressure plate.

Clips Unhooking, Lights Fading, The Makey Makey turned off.  The Makey Makey is a very intelligent thing to use and it is very fun.  You can create heaps of awesome stuff with the Makey Makey.  It can teach you lots of things that could help us in the future.  Such as knowing how to succeed and fail.

Angela Pivac


Wheels whirring, Code commanding, Robots are a very helpful thing to have around, robots can be programmed to do a certain thing daily, weekly or even yearly.

Alarm ringing, robot reviewing, Robots can’t do things by themselves, they must have a chip with a code embedded into it placed in them. They can also have a memory chip which will help them remember what needs to be done at a certain time, they can also have a built in alarm.

Baby crying, robot alarming, Robots can help out nearly anywhere airports can use them to clean up different areas, while families with a deaf or blind person could use them to alarm them if there is a problem such as the baby is crying or if there is an obstacle in their path. In future robots may be able to help residents with illnesses such as autism and down syndrome.


 Makey Makey Explanation
Wires snaked, Pressure plates snapped, the makey makey took a photo. The makey makey is a device that's basically a very small keyboard that you connect to your device But the thing is it’s not a keyboard. *DUN DUN DUN!*

Image result for makey makey.png

There are different buttons on the makey makey such as: The arrow keys, space, click, WASD and earth it is connected by a wire/cord

You use crocodile clips to connect say ‘space to earth’ every clip MUST be connected to earth for it to work. Earth is the 2 by 1 holes along the bottom.

We did this to learn programming and coding I really enjoyed it. We also did some thing with M-Bots. But I won't get into that. We also made a pressure plate so as soon as something pressed it, it took a photo. While Isaac was working on the Makey Makey I was working on making the pressure plate. It was really fun. But I think once you go you shouldn’t go again. Not trying to like make them look bad or anything but it’s basically like some movies sadly.



Computers clicking, crocodile clips snapping, the makey makey is a small programming device. The makey makey has a space bar,up, down, right and left almost like a computer key board.

Cords connecting, pressure plates springing the makey makey is programming.
One cord connects to earth and the other connects to  space which connects to the computer and the pressure plate as soon as you step on the pressure plate it turns the computer camera on.

A makey makey can be very useful, it is an awesome entertaining device, good for taking photos quickly and great for programming things.


Pressure Plate pushing ,Computer connecting ,The Makey makeys were hard to build. Makey makeys are Traps that catch a video of Anything that steps on them.If Something Steps on it The sensor will turn the camera on.

How to make it.You go onto the Internet and search up scratch.Then you need wires and a pressure plate also some tinfoil and cardboard to connect it.You put the pressure plate inside the cardboard and tape tinfoil over it.Then connect the wires to the pressure plate and connect it to computer and now when you step on the pressure plate the camera should turn on.

The makey makey is used for seeing what animals are in the environment or if your brother or sister sneaks in your room and steals your stuff you can see what they take.That is what a makey makey does how it works and why it is useful.      


Makeymakey Explanation
What:The makey makey is a type of circuit board that you can use to make heaps of stuff like games and picture traps. It uses a website like scratch to program or code what you're doing.ON the makey makey there is a control panel that has a control for forward, left,right,backwards, jump and click.

How: There are some crocodile clips connected to wires that connect to your computer. We made a picture trap, what you do is: First of all, you need to make a pressure plate. You’ll need tin foil (to conduct the electricity) some cardboard and some masking tape (to hold it together). First you need to wrap the two pieces of cardboard in tin foil, then you use the masking tape to hold it  all together. After that, you make some springs by folding a  strip of cardboard. Then you tape the springs to the pieces of tin foil wrapped cardboard.Then you’ve made a pressure plate.Now you need to make a code for it. Then you clip the crocodile clips to the top and bottom of the pressure plate. Then when you push it it takes a picture or takes a video.

Why is it useful: The Makey makey is useful because you can take pictures of animals without disturbing them or see why and where pests are! It teaches you how to do things on a computer.   


        Makey Makey

I think makey makeys are going to help the world improve…

Crocodile clips clipping, code coding,connect connecting,we learnt how to use the makey makey.The makey makey is like a little keyboard. To make the makey makey work you need (2 wires) space and earth, these wires help us to activate the makey makey. There is another wire that connects to the computer and the makey makey. We used scratch to program the makey makey.

We also made a pressure plate so when you stand or push down on it would  make the nose that you programed on scratch. To make the pressure plate you need 2 big pieces of cardboard, 2 little pieces of cardboard and tin foil. You wrap the tinfoil around the big pieces  of cardboard, then fold the little pieces in half and stick it in the middle of the big pieces, so it's like a spring. You put one side of earth on the top plate and the other side you connect it to makey makey.

You can do a lot with scratch!!


Who here knows what a makey makey is? Although probably no one here - well know what I'm about to tell you.  oh well I'm here to tell you what a makey makey is.

What does a makey makey do you ask. A makey makey is a circuit board that can be programed to be a camera trap. So you don't have to stand around and wait for stuff to happen like if you wanted to record animals or it could be  a security camera to protect some of your stuff.

How does it work there's two Clips holding tinfoil when the two pieces touch the makey makey begins to film.The makey makey works by electrical charges kind of like your light bulb but instead of light theirs video. There are two wires that connected to a conductive material like tin foil or copper. One wire connects  to space the other to earth but their needs to be a special wire attached to the computer and the makey makey.clamps holding tin foil conducting,the makey makey films.

Why did we create this you ask- we created it to like all machines to make our lives easier. Whether it's for filming our protecting the makey makey is fun and useful.

A makey makey is something that you can use to record and to listen and see wildlife  but you would have to hide the computer pretty well to wanna record a wild animal.

Lights flashing,Wires Vibrating, The Computer Took a photo. Makey makeys work as a trap when someone steps on the pressure plate it records a video for as long as you want when you put the go as long as ….. Then you put it on as long as you want in seconds like 60 seconds = 1 minute then you keep going.

Makey makey helps you look at wildlife and study new wild animals,sea creatures,mammals and insects are the answer to study and find all the creatures of this world and makey makeys are intelligent little devices or controller then when you connect a wire to the earth on the makey makey it records a video and when you step on the pressure plate it triggers the computer and and that's all I have to say here are words to highlight for mindlab.

And that’s an explanation about makey makeys.