Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Rock Wall

 LZ1 had a fantastic opportunity to challenge themselves by climbing the rock wall that came to school today.
They found they had to concentrate and think of others, believe in themselves and 'push through' to be able to succeed. They found it was 'easy to give up' and 'hard to keep going'. But, according to climb master Jeff, you need to change what you're doing in order to succeed. Everyone was urged to encourage others and it felt good to help others achieve.

We used the experience to begin to create some pieces of writing for different purposes. Some descriptive pieces to entertain, some informative and some to persuade Mrs Committie to invite the Rockup Adventure Activity back to the school again. Watch out here as more examples are added.....

The Climb.

The cold wind whipped my face, as though I was a mistreated circus animal. My body was at full length my spine was at its full extent, reaching for the buzzer with my sweat soaked hand. The encouraging yells of classmates down below urging me on. I dared not go further the next hand hole seemed infinitely far for my outstretched legs I took a last swing at the buzzer miscalculating it a gust of wind hit me, with a dash of frustration I was knocked over like a bowling pin. I fell abseiling to the ground below.

It was the 23rd of March and LZ1 took turns taking on the troubling rock wall. The school’s field was wet and cold under my feet. The intentions of the wall seemed marvelous it seemed that building confidence and having fun was the perfect combination for all the kids eager to have a turn. .....

by Max M.

Rock Wall

“Buckle up,Stay safe!”
“Ok come in,stay in the grass area and wait for Jeff.”
Jeff helps Zoe connect the hook to the harness and she speeds up the rock wall making sure each rock is safe before she grabs hold,she reaches the top in no time,presses the buzzer and is on her way down.

“Come on Zoe hurry up my turn!”
We go out the exit gate into the grassy area and unbuckle Zoe and release and tighten the harness to fit me.
“Buckle up,Stay safe!”
“Go towards the exit and turn to your left and wait there,ok?”

We scurry over towards rock wall 3&4.
I rush up the wall ready to reach the buzzer…
But I can’t the next one is up too high I try to leap but fear holds me back.
‘I can’t do it I give up’ I think to myself I let myself let go and slowly near the ground stand up grab Jeff’s attention,I dash out of the exit and hand the harness over to Zoe.

We repeat the process at least four times. On Zoe’s fifth turn we only have 1 minute and we start to count down 3 Zoe’s nearly at the top, 2 reaching out, 1 buzzzzzzz!
Yes she did it just in a nick of time!!!

I feel jealous of Zoe’s abilities but I also feel proud of myself for being the one encouraging her all the way , as she made her way up to the top.

By Chaeyoung Melitz Kim

My first steps up the wall I was quivering fearfully. My target was to make it to the top. I saw other people at the top already, I heard shrieks and chuckles as they were going down and up. The rocks felt warm, as I was trying to find another place to settle my hand. When I was so near to the top, the air smelt warm . When I realized I'd made it to the top, I slammed down the buzzer 5 times! I felt so proud and magnificent. I had achieved my goal.

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Senior Swimming Sports

Swimming Sports

BANG! I flew into the water, I flopped onto my tummy.

We went to the big, warm Stanmore Bay Pools /Leisure Centre for swimming sports. As I walked up, the tiles were wet so I nearly slipped over. I could hear my friends in Rimu cheering me on. At the beginning of the race I saw my nana punching the air twice up and down, my mum held the thumbs up sign, and at the end of the race I saw their lips moving. They must have been saying “Go Anya go Anya.”

I was by the pool, thinking this stroke is amazing, this stroke is my favourite stroke….breast-stroke. I had a swarming thousand butterflies in my tummy. I was so nervous it felt like my head was going to explode. I was as energetic as Speedy Gonzales.

The pools were long, a good length for the year fives and sixes to do swimming sports.
Swim Sports

“Could I please have the freestyle B girls ready”  those words were destined to be used to frighten me. I was frozen with terror.But eventually I relaxed I knew that even if my parents were not there they would be proud of how far I had gotten. At once I lowered myself into the water, shock surrounded me it was freezing! 3,2,1 GO!!! I held my breath as cold water enclosed me in its grasp.

As I dive into the water feelings and emotions arise sealing me inside. Coldness encloses me in its frozen grasp as I start to sink into the darkness. Desperate to escape,terror surrounds me. My emotions mix I’m relaxed one minute,desperate the next,than brave,followed by a terrifying fear,followed by courage which overcomes my fear. I arise from the darkness because I am happy,happy and overjoyed at how far I’ve come and the urge,the urge to compete is powerful. I was suddenly confused my emotions stirring like batter...Was I joyful or scared? Calm or frightened?
How would I ever decide?

‘Swim to your goal Melitz,finish what you started!’
I believed in myself. I am proud of how I raced despite coming last but still I am proud of myself because I found something to work on and I challenged my personal best to the limit.

I scramble out of the pool and pace up to the point stand hand in my points and stride back to the bleachers. I look around the the arena, all around me is a crowd of students cheering for their house,opposing me are the parents cheering like parrots for their children,in front of me is mrs Thompson speaking into the microphone which is then emitted into a humongous elephant like voice,to my left are students lining up for their race


Swimming Sports
As I saw the swimmers take one big gulp. I started walking to the slightly wet bleacherssss ughh..
! “Oh they’re swimming now” I said to Vinny “let’s watch!” “On your marks, get set, GO!” When we walked  in I was slip into the water cause the tiles they are dangerous. The air was so hot, warm, humid. I was gonna burn to death. The bleachers were shiny, glistening in the sun. I could smell chlorine breezing in the air, people said it smelt horrible but I thought it wasn’t that bad.
“Roll the crickets!” ‘10 minutes later’ “Ugh what banana, crackers, nuts, ooh almond nuts!” We had to sit down for the entire swimming sports which was like 4 hours! It was so tedious. I was so bored I felt like my brain was gonna ooze out of my ears. I was sleepy, so sleepy I thought I was about to die!!! It was so time-consuming. I felt a lot like jelly, I couldn’t feel my legs, my arm was in pain and I kinda had a headache.

Swimming sports was to see ‘who was the best at swimming!’ Oh and to see if you drown😏 I felt dead, but about the swimmers, I wasn’t really watching.

Swim Competition

Splash goes my arm against the water as I go under it.
The Stanmore Bay pool was a huge space.
The nice cool water gave me a boost to help me swim. But, the creamy beige slippery tiles nearly made me fall on my face. “Go Mynhardt go, you are going to win this,” I yelled crazily. Unfortunately he came last  but he won  in my point of view.  

Before I started breastroke I started in the pool because I was a chicken. I was shivering in the pool because I was so excited. The other races made me very tired. I was very nervous because I wanted to get into interschool.

Actually I liked the competition because I got to race my friends and I liked that it was tiring because I didn't have to do some work at home afterwards.